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Western Balkans bilateral infrastructural project preparation programmes

Technical assistance to partner countries

may 21, 2020

The Directorate of Western Balkan Projects of HEPA is the Managing Authority responsible for the implementation of Western Balkan bilateral infrastructural project preparation programmes. Within these programmes Hungary plans to provide technical assistance to Western Balkan partner countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Republic of Serbia) for the entire preparatory phase of infrastructure projects based on bilateral intergovernmental agreements.

The preparation of the program between Hungary and the Republic of Serbia focuses on the following cooperation areas:

- drinking and waste water management,
- transport and sustainable mobility,
- solid waste management,
- remediation and recultivation,
- environmental protection,
- energy.

The Hungarian state budget is to finance the preparation of projects which are jointly selected and based on Serbian infrastructure development needs in the value of approximately EUR 4.3 million through a team of experts. The final beneficiaries will be able to make use of the services provided by the expert pool free of charge.

After the Republic of Serbia, Montenegro is the second country with which Hungary has signed an intergovernmental cooperation agreement concerning infrastructural project preparation. The implementation of the Hungary-Montenegro bilateral support scheme can start following the formal opening session of the Montenegrin programme. Experiences gained from the already established Hungarian-Serbian construction will be taken into consideration.

may 21, 2020