Európai Regionális Fejlesztési Alap

Export promotion

Organization of participation at trade fairs and events

In line with the national export strategy, we aim to support the presentation of competitive domestic products and services in the foreign market at international trade fairs and exhibitions. We provide our partners with product presentation and direct discussion opportunities at national booth based on a uniform image.

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Organization of product shows

Active support in organization and assistance in logistics management performed by the support of our specialized experts, based on foreign market information and specifics, organizing product shows abroad and delivering sample products to the target location constitutes an added value for our business partners.

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Export advisory services

Export maturity analysis and export strategy consultation

During the consultations, we will assess the company and classify it as regards its export maturity status and will review its plans for the next 1 to 3 years in terms of exports. The service includes analyzing the business situation, assessing the export capability of the products/ services, identifying potential target markets, defining priorities and developing a sales action plan.

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International innovation consultation

We offer innovation consultation to small, medium and large companies which aim to improve their competitiveness by improving their innovation capabilities. The results of the survey will determine the degree of innovation orientation of the company and the areas for improvement.

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Financing consultation

In the framework of financing consultation, we identify the financing needs of companies and propose an optimal financing structure. We provide information on available loan, capital and insurance options.

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Foreign market transaction consultation

International expansion and investment incentives have become indispensable for Hungarian SMEs and larger private companies in the light of the results of recent years. One of the key drivers of competitiveness and productivity is size efficiency, which can be obviously increased by launching products and/or services in international markets.

International partner search

Organization of business forums and B2B meetings

We prepare and coordinate business forums and business meetings for inbound high-level official delegations. Targeted partner meetings provide direct contact and communication opportunities for participants, contributing to smooth negotiations and successful business transactions.

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International partner search and mediation, promotion

Through its network of regional partner offices, economic attachés and Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), HEPA can help the foreign market expansion plans of Hungarian companies with export potential. Our regional partner offices identify potential customers of the Hungarian goods and services and promote the exportable domestic products and services with their tools.

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Organization of inbound and outbound business delegations

Participation in a business delegation brings many benefits to our business partners. It is an excellent tool for both domestic and foreign business partners to build awareness in the particular market and assess the exact supply. This should be done as a first step in assessing every business opportunity.

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Foreign market information

Target market information

HEPA provides up-to-date foreign market information to its business partners, which greatly helps companies reduce the risk and cost of entering foreign markets. Market research analyses are prepared to support exporters, which include economic policy trends, industry specifics, consumer habits, competitor or market entry information. We provide expert information on procedural issues such as public procurement regulators, as well as forward leading news received from our regional partner offices.

Export hotline

HEPA operates a dedicated export hotline e-mail address to receive first contacts from its prospective exporter business partners. The information hotline aims to support domestic companies in all export-related issues, whether it is foreign market information, logistics or customs issues, partner control in foreign markets or any other issues arising in the course of a particular transaction.

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Foreing tender information

Under our international tender information services we provide up-to-date information on available tender options in cooperation with our regional partner offices who are responsible for monitoring tenders in a given relation and with economic attachés at embassies.

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Logistics consultation

As part of our logistics service, we provide our partners with support through our business partners specialized in export-related logistics, shipping, and customs issues. After the partnership has been established, potential transactions may be hindered by missing logistics knowledge and customs requirements due to lack of previous experience.

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International trade trainings

Export Academy

In accordance with the strategic goals of HEPA, Export Academy is offering a multi-staged, modulary coherent range of export related trainings and seminars in order to support internationalisation of SMEs, helping them to build their strategic approach and reduce the risk of market entry.

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Directorate of Western Balkan project implementation

Following the appointment by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, HEPA has issued a call for proposals for Hungarian companies in order to stimulate economic relations between Hungary and the Republic of Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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