Európai Regionális Fejlesztési Alap

Western Balkans Investment Scheme

Investment Scheme launched

june 4, 2020

The Directorate of Western Balkans Projects of the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency is responsible for the operational management of the Western Balkans Investment Scheme launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The specific aim of the above mentioned investment tool is the economic development of the Balkan region through strengthening the presence and role of Hungarian companies. Hungarian non-governmental organizations, as successful applicants, will use the non-refundable grant for initial investments or investments in the renewable energy sector in the target countries.

The total budget available under this initiative is HUF 2,85 billion. The geographical scope of the support covers Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The maximum project duration is 36 months including the preparatory period.

The Western Balkans Investment Scheme provides financial support to companies in Hungary without any sectoral restriction with a maximum aid intensity of 50%, which may vary depending on the EU and destination country regulations. The grant to be awarded must serve the implementation and maintenance of a project in the target country.

Participation in the call for proposals, first announced in 2019, was subject to mandatory registration, which expired on 14 November 2019.


ANNOUNCEMENT: The Call for proposals for the Western Balkans Investment Scheme has been updated

The Call for proposals for the Western Balkans Investment Scheme has been launched

june 4, 2020